Formatting Data

In this part of the project, we cover how to format our data to make it a little nicer before getting started. You’ll learn how to adjust column widths, create a nice header row, and some cool keyboard shortcut formatting. It’s always a good idea to make your spreadsheet look nice before doing calculations as it makes it much easier to work with.

Grade Calculations

Calculate each student’s grade and see who mastered their course! and who, well, didn’t do to well…We also apply the Vlookup function to assign each student a letter grade based on their percentage score.

Grade Distribution Analysis

In this video we calculate some basic statistics with the MIN, MAX, AVERAGE and STDEV functions followed by creating a frequency distribution of the grades. This distribution lets us see how many students earned each grade as well as the percentage of students earning each grade.

Data Table

This video covers how to create a data table in Excel. Data tables allow us to sort and filter our data so we can analyze different segments of data. It also covers how to use a Total Row for some quick and easy calculations.

Grade Column Chart

Sometimes a list of numbers isn’t the easiest way to display data. So, in this video we create a beautiful chart (histogram to be precise) to show how the students did. The video explores a variety of ways you can edit your chart so you can customize it to match your company’s style.