Insert and Frequency Calculations

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Before you can start analyzing a pivot table, it helps to know how to make one to begin with:) This video shows you how to easily create our own pivot table and understand how to manipulate the fields to display the data you want to see. We also demonstrate how to do some frequency analysis with running totals as actual numbers and percentages.

Percent Analysis

Pivot tables can be used to display data in a variety of calculations. We can look at a percentages of the grand total or analyze particular segments of our data. This video demonstrates some real world applications of the power of pivot tables with the percent of row total, percent of column total and percent of grand total options.

Pivot Table – Filters

When analyzing large amounts of data, we often want to only view a certain segment. Pivot tables allow us to filter our data so we can look at relationships in a subset of data. For example, if we have national data, we might want to look only at the performance of our advertisement in Florida – thus we would filter the data to only show values which are from Florida. Why Florida though? I happen to live here so I’m a little biased:)