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We don’t just teach you through videos, we teach you with real life situations so after you complete your course, you are able to apply all the lessons to your personal business environment.

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All courses are explained by Neil Parsont, CEO & Founder. He has over 10 years of tutoring experience and is able to explain Excel applications in a way you will understand.


You are taught Excel material in a visual manner so whether you are an auditory, kinesthetic or visual learner, you are able to grasp the lessons and remember them for years to come.


Everyone will need a refresher. That is why you can reference back to your course whenever you need to. In addition to the videos, you have full access to the forum, notes, and helpful files.

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We have over 50 videos with over 6 hours of content covering the Top 10 most useful business topics, Plus! a comprehensive job test to make sure you master it all!

  • VLOOKUP Approximate (6m 14s)

    Lookup data values from table

  • IF Function (5m 18s)

    Learn how the IF function works

  • Column Charts (13m 24s)

    Create a beautiful column chart

  • Formatting (6m 50s)

    Apply formatting to your data

  • Formulas & Basic Notation (8m 31s)

    Understand how to input formulas

  • Cell Referencing (12m 59s)

    Relative, semi-absolute and absolute references


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