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Mission statement

Help people to understand and apply Excel in real-world applications.


Exceltutor.com is a course-based website providing the user training to become an expert in Microsoft Excel. We provide the tools and support for you to learn the most powerful tool in business. With videos, notes, and interactive forums, anyone can go from beginner to expert level in Excel.

Additional Services From Our Team

Custom Course Creation

Custom Course Creation

We create customized courses and videos specific to your company needs.

On-site consulting

On-site consulting

We provide your employees the personal attention and help they deserve.

Business Modeling

Business Modeling

We build custom dynamic models for finance, marketing, project management and more.

Private Skype Tutoring

Excel can be difficult to learn, which is why ExcelTutor.com offers private tutoring via Skype. During the session, Founder & CEO Neil Parsont will review any specific topics you need help in, to ensure you fully understand whatever you are struggling with. With the purchase of a private tutoring session, you will receive an hour of undivided attention, and walk away knowing more than ever before!

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