Goal Seek

The Goal Seek functionality is great for finding target values. Often times, we want to know how many units to sell to break even, or what our selling price needs to be to make a certain amount of profit. Sure, we could do all the algebra to solve for it – but who wants to do that? Learn how awesome Excel can be with this powerful tool!

Scenario Manager

The Scenario Manager allows us to analyze the effects of multiple changes to our forecast. Oftentimes, we want to know what happens if the economy is really good, average or bad. This macro environment change affects many of our inputs. The Scenario Manager lets us easily manage these different scenarios to analyze our profitability (or any other variable of interest) under each scenario.

Data Tables

Data Tables are great for sensitivity analysis. Sometimes, one variable is so important to our model, that we want to see what happens if we change just that variable. Excel also allows us to change two variables when doing our sensitivity analysis.